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AEXIUS, LLC offers a full range of patent prosecution services, including: international and domestic prior art searches, patent application drafting, and prosecution through issuance and maintenance.

Your patent work will be handled directly by AEXIUS, LLC Managing Shareholder Michael A. Long, J.D. AEXIUSSM services are more truly complete than any invention marketing service, which often only provide a search (since they are not licensed to represent inventors), and must incur increased expenses by referring the work to an outside patent agent or attorney. AEXIUSSM patent prosecution services include:

  • Initial Patentability Assessments and Patentability Opinions
  • Provisional patent applications
  • Non-provisional patent applications
  • International patent applications
  • Business methods
  • Improvement patents
  • Continuations and continuation-in-part applications
  • Election of species
  • Divisional applications
  • Interference practice, including inventorship disputes
  • Patent specification drafting and quality review
  • Response to Non-Final Office Action
  • Rejection and overcoming prior art rejections; novelty bar; on-sale bar
  • Overcoming rejections as to lack of enablement or support in the specification, section 112
  • Overcoming 35 USC 102/103 Obviousness rejections
  • Obviousness double-type patenting rejections
  • Objections as to form of claims (implications on potential litigations and enforceability of patent), section 112
  • Response to Final Office Action
  • Appeals before the USPTO Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences (BPAI)
  • Requests for continued examination
  • Recording assignments and relevant documents with USPTO
  • Process and product-by-process patents
  • 35 USC 112 para. 6 "Means plus function" language and limitations
  • Patents or patent applications arising from work performed under a Federal Grant
  • Correction of Inventorship
  • Interviews with Patent Examiner; Examiner Amendments
  • Receipts, docketing, and filing
  • Fees administration, claiming "small entity" status, and seeking accelerated prosecution
  • AEXIUS, LLC offers competitive rates and the legal qualifications to advise you regarding patent prosecution matters before the USPTO. You may contact us for a free 30-minute consultation by filling out the form below. Your information is held in strict confidence.


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