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Vision Systems Integration
Manufacturers in virtually any language can use AEXIUSSM pre-built connectors to link shop floor to web users. Link PLC's, camera systems, sensors, and laser detection systems to collect data from PLC's. Enhance accuracy in the production line, down to a verified pixel. With custom solution for your PLC or vision system, a web user can see data from the shop floor without any complex programming.

Supplier Collaboration
Enables suppliers to collaborate across networks to streamline operations and eliminate costs associated with human error, while allowing for advantages through linked trading partners.

Manufacturing Management
Cut down on production defect rate, supplier backlog and track long term performance. Enhance capabilities to streamline management reporting to allow your enterprise to concentrate resources on other tasks.

Production Planning
Streamline production planning across your integrated supply chain by seamlessly checking against existing inventory, resource availability, utilization.

Order Management
Gain insight into critical sales and purchase orders from your internal and external network of partners. Empower your enterprise with global query capabilities and enhanced business process management functionality.

Inventory Management
Check stock at any or all locations based on a permission-based view of your enterprise. Issue automated commands to escalate issues to assigned persons when key processes or thresholds are triggered to apply consistent business logic and enhance daily operations.


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