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Lasers, sensors, and vision systems allow companies to automate quality processes in the plant. AEXIUSSM helps commercial businesses link PLC's, camera systems, sensors, and laser detection systems to collect data from the manufacturing environment. Clients can benefit from enhanced accuracy in the production line, across a range of sensor inputs on an automated basis, such as:
  • color
  • width
  • height
  • depth
  • complex shape detection, down to the pixel
  • logo or label alignment
  • presence of numbers, product ID's, bar codes
  • many other parameters are configurable, depending on sensor type
Key features include:
  • web-based reports
  • smart camera integration-ready
  • flexible database design
  • intuitive user interface
Shop floor data can be transformed into information, such as: total success reports or to check for malformed units per job. With a custom vision systems integration solution, a web user can view reports on shop floor activity in a point-and-click interface. With multiple language support, AexeleratorTM can also facilitate web communication to more than one locale--an important feature for outsource manufacturers and increasing competition from globalization.


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